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The House of Healing is overwhelmed with gratitude to two young women for their selfless generosity. MEGAN ZEMBOWER and LINDSEY BEDNARSKI graciously asked the guests at their Sweet Sixteen Celebration to make a contribution to the House of Healing in lieu of gifts on their special day.

Inspired by Judge Levin’s dedication to helping women and children in Erie, PA, they chose to turn their landmark birthday into a fundraiser for the House of Healing. (The judge was the visionary who wished to provide an alternative to prison for women so they could be reunited with their children. This led to the House of Healing being established in 1998.) These two remarkable and unselfish young women raised almost $1000 for the House of Healing!

The House of Healing is proud to announce that it’s now partnered with Find a Storage Container. Find a Storage Container is a national leader when it comes to storage container solutions, and they’re dedicated to giving back as well.


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The House of Healing has had much to celebrate this spring. On our list of items to commemorate, is a very special event. One of our women has graduated from our program and moved on with her wonderful two sons.

She leaves us with many things that she did not have when she arrived. Upon arrival at the House of Healing, the young mother was pregnant with her second son. She gave birth to her new baby boy a few months after arriving. What a precious baby he is!

She accomplished many goals while living at the House of Healing. The woman worked hard to pass her GED and enroll in a cosmetology course. She will graduate from it next month. She also practiced budgeting and was able to save enough money to buy a dependable used car and start her new life with over $2000 that she saved while living here!

We are very proud of her and are anxious to watch her and her two boys as they continue on the wonderful journey they have ahead of them! Congratulations!

Congratulations PAM WILL, one of the Mercy Center for Women’s 2010 WOMEN MAKING HISTORY!

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The House of Healing located in Erie, PA, is honored to announce that our own PAM WILL, Healing Hands Auxiliary President, was nominated and chosen as one of the “DYNAMIC DOZEN 2010″ by the Mercy Center for Women.

Pam was chosen because she serves the Erie community as a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL FOR WOMEN and HAS USED HER TALENTS TO HELP OTHERS while working toward her goals.

She, along with the other recipients were honored at the Women Making History Event on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 7 PM at the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center.

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